About us

CILON is an investment manager with a focus on value-based investments and repositioning of office and commercial properties in the Rhine-Main region. From our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main,we invest in existing properties starting at a net purchase price of Euro 1 million. Targeted net purchase prices for mixed-use commercial real estate range between Euro 1 and 8 million. Value performance means to us the focus on properties in acute need of development, for instance due

to vacancies, investment gaps, contaminated sites, preservation orders, or a negative image. Our in-depth expertise and a focus on the individual project enable us to recognize promising properties and to leverage their potentials with intelligent and user-driven concepts. In this way we manage to create future-focused and stable investments.


Dealing with existing properties is always a challenge, as every property is unique. Understanding the location and the relevant market environment with its characteristics and potentials is a prerequisite for a sustainable real estate asset development. Revitalizing properties is an art that CILON pursues with great commitment and a great sense of responsibility.

The tenants – i.e. our clients – are the measure for our decisions.

It is part of our job to understand the needs and requirements of each client – the self-concept of the client and of its staff, its organizational and specific processes – and to translate these requirements into individual area concepts enabling us to create ideal workspaces to the benefit of the users. We carry out this task conscientiously being a specialist in real estate. We use to take quick and comprehensible decisions. We are a responsive, flexible and reliable partner.