All resources are finite. As the real estate industry is a sector entailing a high demand for energy, raw materials, water and areas, the use of existing properties over new constructions per definition means a significantly lower consumption of resources, thus decreasing the ecological footprint of the real estate industry. By adopting intelligent approaches for the use of existing buildings, we prioritize existing buildings over new constructions, whenever possible, thus actively contributing to the recycling of real estate.

Nothing is as location-specific as a property. Therefore, the local connection of our projects is important to us and constitutes an integral part of our business model.

Especially small and medium-sized companies are a driving force of the local and national economy promoting both a sustainable growth and the social development of the communities. This is why we invest in properties already from a net purchase price starting at Euro 1 million. One of our favorite locations is the Rhine-Main region.

To anchor these core values in our company, we have taken over the sponsorship for the gingko tree in the Frankfurt palm garden. The gingko embodies consistency, resilience and a constant reference to its origin, and furthermore, intelligence and long-sightedness. These are CILON’s guiding principles.